Tutu skirt DIY tutorial


Making an Elsa inspired dress? Lots of tulle, wide elastic and scissors is all you need to make a cute tutu dress for the Elsa costume.


You need the following to make the tutu skirt:

  • 3 meter of tulle
  • Wide elastic
  • Scissors

How to make a: tutu skirt

Step 1

Measure the waist and cut the elastic to the length minus a couple of centimers to make sure the waistband is tight enough. Overlap the two ends of elastic and sew it with needle and thread. Place your elastic waistband around the back of a chair to keep your hands free.

tutu skirt DIY

Step 2

Cut the tulle. Length: the distance from the waistband to the length that you would like to have, then multiply by two and add another 2.5 cm. Cut it 10/15 cm wide.

tutu skirt DIY

Step 3

Fold one strip of tulle in half and tie a knot around the waistband. Repeat and put the second knot next to the first knot.

Tutu om zelf te maken knoop

Step 4

Add enough knots to get a nice full tutu skirt. Squeeze the knots tightly after making four to five knots. Add multiple colors of tulle for a multicolor tutu dress. Ready!

tutu skirt DIY

tutu skirt DIY

tutu skirt DIY

tutu skirt DIY