Personalised popcorn box


A colorful popcorn box  with your own name on it. Ideal for a cinema at home party or a theme party. Or to surprise your loved one during film night!


To make the personalised popcorn box you need the following:

  • paper
  • printer
  • marker
  • scissors
  • double-sided adhesive tape or glue
  • and popcorn of course!

How to make: a personalised popcorn box

Click to save the front side and the rear side of the popcorn box. Print for one popcorn box the front as well as the rear side. Cut the boxes along the black lines. Carefully fold along the dotted lines and glue part A of the front to part A of the back side of your box. Do the same for part B. If the box is glued together fold and glue the bottom of the box.

Write the name of every guest on the popcorn box and fill the box with sweet or salty popcorn!

Popcornbak met naam

Personalised popcorn box

Personalised popcorn box