Elsa dress – sparkle top


Did you finish the DIY tutu for Elsa’s costume? Then let’s continue with this sparkle top of the Elsa dress. We use a fleece jacket for cold and rainy days!


You need the following to make the Elsa dress – sparkle top:

  • White fleece jacket
  • Sparkle fabric
  • Sheer white fabric (organza)
  • Candle
  • Matches or a lighter
  • Pins
  • Needle and thread

How to make: the Elsa dress- sparkle top

Step 1

Put the white fleece jacket flat on the table. Take the sparkle fabric and measure it. You need a piece of fabric that starts just above the top of the armpit to just below the waist. It has to fit the waist and completely cover the fleece jacket from the back to the front.

Step 2

Fold the fabric inside out and sew the side. Make sure your fabric is large enough to cover the fleece jacket, see step 4.

Elsa dress top

Step 3

Put the fabric on top of the jacket and start cutting two half moons. Cut through the front and the back of the fabric, we will straigten the back in step 7.

Elsa dress sparkle top

Step 4

Now fold the fabric outside in again. Take the jacket and put it inside the blue fabric. Pin it to the top of the chest and sew.

NOTE: when you use a jacket (you could also use a fleece sweater) make sure you EITHER leave a bit of space to open and close the zipper OR close the zipper so you can wear the jacket as a sweater.

Elsa dress fleece top

Elsa dress top

Step 5

Now take the sheer fabric to make the veil. Make sure it is long enough and a couple of centimeters wider than the back of the fleece jacket.

Step 6

We are finishing off the edges so they don’t fray. Take a candle and lighten it. Hold your fabric tightly with both hands. Move the edge of your fabric along the blue part of the flame quickly and smoothly. Don’t let it sit in one spot too long because it will burn (we tried!).

Finish off the edges

Step 7 

Insert the top of the veil into the blue fabric on the back of your fleece jacket. Fold the two half moons inside and pin the organza and the blue fabric to the jacket. Divide the organza evenly so you will have a lovely ripple effect. Sew. When finished flip over the veil and your Elsa dress top is ready! Finish your Frozen costume with a cape with hood!

Sparkle top

 Elsa dress
Elsa Frozen dress