Cape with hood for Elsa dress


Little (and big) girls love Frozen! Which girl doesn’t want to be a princess in a beautiful dress. This cape with hood for your Elsa dress is warm and no sewing machine needed!


You need the following to make the cape with hood for the Elsa dress:

  • Furry fabric
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread

How to make: a cape with hood for Elsa dress

Step 1

Lay the fabric out and make it as long as you want the cape to be (without the hood). Cut the fabric and then fold it in half (lengthwise).

Cape Elsa Frozen

Step 2

Then you fold 5 cm from the top. Use scissors and cut 2.5 cm from the end (closed side) and then make a cut every 5 cm until you get to the other end (open side).

Cape Elsa Frozen

Step 3

Set aside the cape and take another piece of fabric big enough to make the hood. Fold it in half and make sure it is inside out. Sew one side with needle and thread. Place your fabric in such a way that the sewed side is up and the open side on the left. Now fold the open side (which is on the left) where the neck is going through about 5 cm upwards. Then make a first cut at 2.5 cm of the end that you sewed and then every 5 cm. Still following? 😉

Cape hood Elsa Frozen

Step 4

You need a ribbon to make a tie. Take the cape and the hood (turn it inside out). Next to the seam that you sewed you see two small cuts, that is where you begin threading the ribbon through. Take the cape, look for the small holes in the middle and weave the ribbon through as well. Weave the ribbon in and out until the cape and the hood are connected. Once they are connected you just weave the ribbon through the extra holes. Turn it over and tie a nice bow, cape with hood ready!

Cape with hood no sew Frozen

Cape with hood no sew Frozen

Cape with hood no sew Frozen

Step 5

To give the cape a finishing touch sew with needle and thread a small marabou boa to give it more glamour!

Cape with hood no sew Frozen