Toilet roll treat


A cheap and original treat for school: a surprise filled toilet roll treat. It is really easy to make, so start saving toilet rolls!


To make a toilet roll treat you need the following:

  • empty toilet rolls
  • wrapping paper
  • ribbon
  • stuffing (toys, candy, etc)
  • glue and scissors

How to make: a toilet roll treat

Collect as many empty toilet rolls as you need. Don’t forget the teacher! To wrap your toilet rolls cut a part of a complete roll of wrapping paper that fits right around your roll. This way you have enough wrapping paper at exactly the right size. Cut a piece of wrapping paper for each toilet roll and wrap it around the roll. Let dry. First: fold one side and then the other side so the two sides are overlapping and you can close the roll. Do this for both sides of the toilet roll. Then fill the roll with candy, a present or anything you like. Decorate the roll with a pretty ribbon and your treat is ready!

Toiletrol traktatie

Toiletrol traktatie