Glow in the dark invitation


Create an original invitation using Glow in the Dark sticks. Perfect for sleepovers or ‘Glow in the Dark’ themed parties.


You need the following for the Glow in the Dark invitation:

  • paper
  • printer
  • scissors
  • colored Glow in the Dark bracelets/sticks

How to make: a Glow in the Dark invitation

Click here to download the template for the invitation and save the image. Personalise the invitation, add your own details using for example Photoshop. Or just print the invitation and add your details with a pen, marker or pencil. Print the invitations and cut along the lines. Punch a hole in the paper on both the top and the bottom. Place the Glow in the Dark stick into the holes and you are ready to go!

Idea: let all the guests bring the invitation or the glowstick to your party and glow the night away!

Glow in the dark uitnodiging

Template Glow in the dark uitnodiging