Flip flop invitation


Are you planning to organise a summer party or a beauty salon theme party? Create a matching flip flop invitation to get your guests in the mood.


You need the following for the Flip-flop invitation:

  • paper
  • printer
  • scissors
  • colored ribbon

How to make: a Flip flop invitation

Click here for the template of the invitation and save it onto your computer. Personalise the invitation and add your details with for example Photoshop or Word. Or add the details with pens and markers. Print the invitations and cut along the lines. Punch a hole on top, left and right side of the invitation. Pull the ribbon through the holes and tie it with a knot.

To make your invitation look like a real flip flop glue a shoe sole made of foam sheets onto the back of your the flip flop.

teenslipper uitnodigingen

Template teenslipper uitnodiging