Duck invitation


Invite all your friends using these cute duck invitations! A fun invitation for toddlers, preschoolers, and everyone who loves ducks. Also perfect for Easter!


You need the following to make the Duck invitation:

  • paper
  • paint
  • the hand of your kid
  • scissors
  • pen

How to make: a Duck invitation

Take a piece of paper or cardboard and make sure you child is ‘paint proof’. Dip the hand of your child into some yellow paint and make a print onto the cardboard. Gently! Let the cardboard dry for a while. Then paint the legs, a hoofer and an eye. When your duck is dry cut it out. Leave a bit of space (about 1 centimeter) between the duck and the edge of the paper. Write the invitations and send them to friends and family!

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eendjes uitnodiging

eendjes uitnodiging