Flower pot treat


Turn a simple lollipop into a colorful treat: a flower pot treat! Perfect to prepare together with the birthday boy or girl.


To make the flower pot treat you need the following:

  • small flower pots
  • paint
  • lollipops
  • colored cardboard
  • floral foam
  • glue, pencil, scissors and paint brushes

How to make: a flower pot treat

Start painting the small flower pots. As soon as the first layer of paint is dry you can add flowers or dots. Make sure the pots are completely dry before you add the floral foam. To fill the pots with floral foam press them firmly into the foam. When all flower pots are filled you can start making the flower lollipops.

Cut a flower from cardboard and make sure it fits around the lollipop. Use this flower as a model for the rest of the flowers. Same goes for the leaves (make sure the stems are long enough to wrap around the stick of the lollipop). To cover the floral foam cut out rounds which fit exactly in the pots.

When all preparations are made start decorating your lollipops. First you glue the leave onto the stick, second you pierce the stick into a round and then you add a flower to your lollipop. Stick all lollipops into the flower pots and you are ready to go! Is your lollipop a bit too long? Just cut part of the stick until the desired length.

Lolly traktatie - bloem in pot

Lolly traktatie - bloem in pot

Lolly traktatie - bloem in pot

bloempot traktatie - lolly in pot