Candy guitar


You want to offer dad the best Father’s Day present ever? Make this fun guitar filled with candies. Also the perfect present for music lovers.


You need the following to make the candy guitar:

  • a carton box
  • glue for paper
  • scissors
  • wrapping paper
  • paint
  • candy

How to make a: candy guitar

Take two large pieces of carton board in the same size. Draw a guitar on it and cut out the guitar shape twice. Make sure the two parts of the guitar fit perfectly when you add them together. Wrap both the front and the back of the guitar in wrapping paper. Not enough wrapping paper? You can also paint the carton board.

Cut a nice big circle and glue it onto your guitar. Paint the circle black. Use a thin rope or some yarn for the strings of the guitar and a rectangular piece of carton board. Glue this piece on top of the guitar and add the strings one by one.

To start filling the guitar with candy you need to glue the frontside and the backside together. First, you cut two long pieces of carton board. Make small cuts on both sides of one piece of carton board. Then fold the cuts. The first cut you fold towards you, the second you fold away from you and so on. Glue first one side onto the backside of the guitar. Make sure you leave an opening so you can also take out the candy without damaging the guitar. Let it dry. Then add the frontside of the guitar and let dry. When everything’s dry you can starting painting the sides and fill the guitar!

Candy guitar