Food & drinks

Barbecue invitation A BBQ party in the great outdoors – or at least in the backyard – begins with a great invitation. Have everyone over for some cocktails, meat and lots of fun with this barbecue invitation.  ... Lees meerFriday, 05 June 2015
Halloween Witch’s Broomstick snacks Whether you’re looking for a healthy cheese snack, or an original treat, these Halloween witch’s broomstick snacks are sure to please.... Lees meerThursday, 16 October 2014
Personalised popcorn box A colorful popcorn box  with your own name on it. Ideal for a cinema at home party or a theme party. Or to surprise your loved one during film night!... Lees meerThursday, 19 September 2013
Flower pot treat Turn a simple lollipop into a colorful treat: a flower pot treat! Perfect to prepare together with the birthday boy or girl.... Lees meerSunday, 25 August 2013
Cherry trifle with lemon Serve this dish and you will be the star of the evening. It might seem difficult but it is actually really easy to make. Your guests will be amazed and impressed!... Lees meerThursday, 22 August 2013
New York Cheesecake Organising an American party? Or planning to serve a different kind of cake at your birthday? This New York Cheesecake looks festive and is filled with raspberries and delicious white chocolate.... Lees meerThursday, 22 August 2013
White chocolate cake pops Happy little balls on a stick: cake pops. These white chocolate cake pops are the ideal treat for birthdays. Decorate them any way you want. In any color. A wonderful treat!... Lees meerTuesday, 23 July 2013
Cake in a can Not a standard cake: but a cake in a can! Truly the best birthday cake ever, add a couple of birthday candles and let’s party. Great as a treat for a children’s party, one little cake for every child.... Lees meerMonday, 08 July 2013
Delft pottery labels Perfect for a Holland themed party. Give every typical Dutch dish a matching Delft pottery label or prepare name tags for every guest and stick them on a piece of real Dutch cheese. Or use it as a gift label!... Lees meerMonday, 08 July 2013
Dutch flag cake The ideal cake for a Holland themed party. One look on the outside and you think it is a normal cake. But there is a surprise on the inside: a Dutch flag cake!... Lees meerMonday, 08 July 2013