Handmade Mother’s Day vase


No clue what to offer your mom for Mother’s Day? Try this: a handmade Mother’s Day vase. Which mom doesn’t want to get a handmade present for Mother’s Day? Don’t forget the flowers!


To make the handmade Mother’s Day vase you need the following:

  • a mason jar
  • paint-brush
  • paint
  • ribbon
  • card
  • and hand picked flowers!

How to make: a handmade Mother’s Day vase

Use a mason jar or an empty pot of tomato sauce or jam. Clean and dry it. Paint the inside of the jar and let it dry. Then dip the hand of your child in a saucer with paint and press firmly onto the jar.

To finish your gift add a handmade card and a matching ribbon. To make sure the paint doesn’t wash away when you add water to the jar, put the flowers in a smaller jar and then place it into the big jar. Happy Mother’s Day!

handmade mother's day vase

handmade mother's day vase

handmade mother's day vase