Birthday countdown calendar


‘How many days until my birthday?’ When kids are approaching their birthdays, it almost feels like they’re going to burst before the day comes! In order to help with the anticipation, download and print this birthday countdown calendar.


You need the following to make a birthday countdown calendar:

  • Paper
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Coloring pencils or markers

How to make a: birthday countdown calendar

Step 1: download here the birthday countdown calender

Step 2: print the calendar, cut the cake and add the age to the empty circles

Step 3: then make half moon cuts on both sides of the colored layers (see example). Make sure the layers are as wide as the image of the birthday cake. When you glue the cake on top of the pile of layers it looks like your cake is placed on a pile of colored plates. Don’t cut the white space on top of the first layer, you need this part to glue to cake onto.

Birthday countdown calendar

Step 4: glue your cake onto the top of the first layer and your birthday countdown calendar is ready!

Let the fun part begin and let your child decorate the cake with glitters, paint and coloring pencils. Hang the calendar 20 days before the birthday on the fridge and let your child cut every day one colored layer. When all layers are gone it is time to party!

Birthday countdown calendar

Birthday countdown calendar