Get well card filled with hearts


Being sick isn’t fun. If someone is not feeling well at all, surprise them with this cute get well card filled with hearts. Love is the best medicine! Also a great card for a sick Valentine.


You need the following for this get well card filled with hearts:

  • (white) cardboard
  • Red sheet of paper
  • Heart punch
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie
  • 3D foam stickers

How to make: a get well card filled with hearts

Cut out a rectangular shaped piece of cardboard to use as your get well card. Use a white paper sheet or cardboard and draw a spoon and a prescription bottle. Cut out. Take the red sheet of paper and punch out plenty of red hearts.

Beterschapskaart vol hartjes

Attach the prescription bottle to the upper left corner of the card using the 3D foam stickers. Place the spoon at the bottom in the middle. Glue the hearts onto the card like they are ‘falling’ onto the spoon using the 3D foam stickers to do this. Fold the hearts and add a sticker to one side, so it seems the hearts are ‘jumping’ out of the card.

Beterschapskaart lepel

And last, tear three pieces of white paper and write the words ‘get’, ‘well’ and ‘soon’ on them. Glue the pieces of paper on the card and it’s ready to be send!

Valentijn beterschapskaart