Barbecue invitation


A BBQ party in the great outdoors – or at least in the backyard – begins with a great invitation. Have everyone over for some cocktails, meat and lots of fun with this barbecue invitation.



You need the following for the barbecue invitation:

  • Black cardboard A5
  • Red cardboard
  • White cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Linchpins
  • Compass (if needed)

How to make: a barbecue invitation

Measure how big you want to make the barbecue for the black cardboard card. Draw circles using a compass and add a small handle to it. Draw a few legs for the barbecue. Cut out.

Barbecue invitation

Bbq uitnodiging

Cut the circles in half (make sure the handle is on top!). Add glue to the half without the handle, just a small layer alongside the curved edge. Don’t add glue to the straight edge, this part you need to add the invitation text into.

BBQ invitation

Make a hole into the left upperside of the barbecue for the linchpen. And make a hole in the lid of the barbecue. Stick the linchpen through and attach the lid to the card. Place the legs under the bottom of the barbecue, cut off the excess paper.


Write or print the text for the invitation and place the text into the red barbecue. Put the barbecue in an envelop and invite your guests!

Barbecue uitnodiging